Have more work than time? Sidecar can help.

Feeling overwhelmed with how much you have to do? Just give us some info and we’ll take it from there.

Sidecar was able to find the perfect partner to help me organize and grow my business. We all need specialists from time to time who can work within a small business budget. Sidecar is life changing.
— Michelle Gagliano / Fine Artist, Crozet, VA

Sidecar provides fractional support of all kinds to help your business.

We help business owners, entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and independent professionals shed the projects that are weighing them down, so that they can focus on growth.

How it works

  • First, we will meet with you to learn more about your business, your specific pain points, and your overall needs.
  • We will help you identify the projects that are important to keep on your plate, and propose a plan for delegating the rest.
  • You will be matched with a Sidecar team member [or members] to help you get it all done.
  • Sidecar support can always be adjusted to scale with your work.
  • We will check in with you often, to make sure we’re providing the best help possible.

We can free up your time.

Have you ever had someone step up and get your work on track? No job too big or small, they get it done. What’s the word for someone who does that? Turns out it's “Sidecar.”
— Ron DuPlain / Engineer / Recruiter / CTO

Our Specialties

Helping companies deal with or prepare for growth.
Creating more efficient workflows and internal processes.
Making sure no balls get dropped and no email goes unanswered.
Providing superior customer service to your clients as you grow your business.


Q. How is this different from other freelance marketplaces?

Unlike talent found on freelance hiring websites, Sidecar team members will join your project and treat your company and goals as though they are our own. The team members are highly vetted and are trustworthy and dedicated additions to your team.

Q. How does payment work?

Sidecar handles all of the billing and invoicing for team members. Regardless of how many team members work on your projects, you will receive one consolidated invoice through Sidecar.

Q. What if I need someone with a specific set of skills to help with things like: graphic design, social media management, web design, etc.?

We have folks on our team who do those things, too! If it will take things off your plate, we can help.

Q. What kind of companies do you work with?

All kinds! We help companies in a variety of industries. Sidecar is a low-risk solution to getting help now without the hassle and expense of hiring. We have skill sets that match all types of businesses.

Let us be on your side.

Sidecar is a team of professionals, selected for your specific project. Our support is seamless; your business can continue to grow and improve, with us by your side.

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